We welcome you to the new era of art-making

We welcome you to the new era of art-making. Now, all of the art supplies you’ll ever need can easily be yours by just driving out of that luxury garage door in Tempe and heading to the nearest LawrAsh Store near you.

High-Quality Art Supplies

LawrAsh Store gives you the most convenient way to get your favorite art supplies. Whether it is to paint you want, or to sculpt, or to make crafts, and build great things, we are your to-go store in the whole Milwaukee. Trust us to have it all from blank canvasses of different sizes, paints of different colors, chisel, brushes, even threads, and other bits and pieces of art kits you’ll need to finish a project.

With LawrAsh Sto we guarantee that you’d never want for anything again. You’ll never even glance at other art stores again or endure long shopping time because you cannot find the specific items you are looking for. There is no need even to go through several shops because we already have it all.

We understand that some artists, although prefer to get their materials for their craft firsthand, find shopping for it an inconvenience. As such, we have staff that can assist you. You can just sit at the comfortable couches scattered in the store and peruse our products via a tablet and we’ll collect all the materials for you. You can just check the products as they arrive at you for checkout. You can also do this at home via pre-order. You can collect all the items, put it in a virtual basket and just drop by at our store to collect it. We can also deliver straight to your doorsteps for a small fee.

Beautiful Art Pieces

LawrAsh Store is also popular due to the beautiful art pieces we sell at our stores. We sell beautiful paintings made by both amateur and professional artists in the industry. The size varies and so does the theme. Sculptures of varying sizes, metal works, handmade jewelry and other handicrafts are also available. Sometimes, we acquire great pieces that we put on auction. For these limited edition items, you should watch up for our announcement on our bulletin boards so you won’t miss it.

LawrAsh Store has many artists willing to do custom-jobs for you. Need a specific artwork you want to give as a gift for your special friend’s birthday or anniversary? Want to have your own portrait or sculpture at home? We can do that here. Just reach out to us so we can schedule an appointment and we can talk more about this.

Events and Exhibits

LawrAsh Store conducts exhibits for amateur and professional artists every twice a year. Come to our store then so you are able to have a meet and greet sessions with your favorite artists. A lot of surprises awaits you there.

We announce the schedule for these types of events in our bulletin. Check it out regularly so you won’t miss it. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you are always updated.