To save you the time in taking time to contact our customer service, and to give you a better experience with our service, we have included here all basic information we think you need to know about us. From our products and services to the basic information about our physical and online store, we collated here for your reference.

What is the LawrAsh Store?

The LawrAsh Store is your neighborhood to-go shop for all your art material needs. For artists, this is a haven in their art world where they can find all the materials they need for their next artwork. To others, this may be considered as a convenient stop where the rarest art pieces can be found as gift items for your friends and loved ones.

Can we order online?

Yes, you can. Just recently, we have launched our online stores. Displayed there are the same items that could be found in the physical store. You can order by filling out an order slip which link can be found at the bottom left part of the landing page.

What is the mode of payment for online orders?

We have several modes of payment for all purchases made online. You can pay us via PayPal, BitCoin, Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, and Union Pay. You can also pay by sending us a check named after the company – LawrAsh Store. We do not accept payment via mail for security purposes.

Can we reserve art materials and pick it up at the store?

Yes, you can. Especially for bulk orders, we highly encourage our customers to place an advance order. This is to ensure also that the number of materials is available for purchase. Albeit we immediately update our online account for every sale we make, placing a pre-order will keep you from the hassle.

Was your concern addressed by this? For more info, you can also connect with our customer service representatives.