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“LawrAsh Store is simply amazing with their stock of high-quality painting materials. I came to their store last Sunday and I was overwhelmed by the different types of paint they have in store. It was the first time I was able to make just one stop in shopping for my art materials. Usually, I rattle all the art stores first before I get everything I need. But this store simply has it all. It was amazing.” – Benny D, Student

“I love going to this store. I just renovated my house last September and I bought several paintings from them. All of which have been created by amateur artists. The art pieces me and my wife bought are breathtaking. I cannot just choose one to be my favorite because every single piece has its own personality. All of them relatively upgraded the look of my home. They made them extra homey and colorful. It is like having a breath of fresh air whenever I see it as I go through my home. We are planning to go back there to buy some paintings for my son’s room. Recommended store!” – Danny Young, Realtor