LawrAsh Store is your one-stop shop for all the art materials you’ll ever need. But only a few people do know that even before it has become your art shop, it was originally built to be an art gallery to showcase art pieces by amateur and professional artists.

It was Lawra Ashford who made this happen. She spearheaded the building of this gallery for her then sickly son, Ramon who had dreamt of becoming a professional artist. But due to the illness he had since childhood, it prevented him from pursuing his dreams. Although extremely talented, he was limited by his illness from joining exhibits which could catapult him to greatness.

Lawra then paved the way for his only son. For months, she was able to gather sponsors that will make her son’s dream happen. Then she hosted art exhibits through this gallery bi-annually up to the day her son died 4 years after. By then, she and her son already built a market for the latter’s works. Although he was not able to enjoy his success long term, his works which remained breathtaking to this day managed to immortalize him and his craft. You can still see some of his greatest works displayed on the walls of the LawrAsh Store.

In memory of Ramon was this gallery transformed into something that could be utilized by his co-artists. At first, it serves just as the gallery to display both amateur and professional artists’ creations. However, the dull moments in between were what prompted Laura to transform it into a shop which will cater to their needs.

So at present, LawrAsh Store functions as a regular store that gives you all the art materials you’ll need. Every twice a year there is an exhibit being held here where the artists and their supporters come together for a meet and greet. You can also buy their works here, all year long.